Tequila Dinner

Join us for a private monthly Tequila Tasting Dinner!

Whether you’re a seasoned tequila enthusiast or a tequila beginner, you’ll enjoy the flavors, the knowledge, and the experience.

You’ll learn a little, and you’ll taste a lot. Chef de Cuisine Alejandro curates a four course dinner* to be accompanied by a tequila tasting each course,
as guests dine in the community chef’s table. (*vegan option available upon advanced request. Place in reservation notes).

You’ll learn a bit about the tequila process and what makes each tequila you taste unique.

Dinner is at 7:30pm and must be reserved as the “experience” on Open Table.

Click the dates below for menus and reservation quick links.

Ecléctico Restaurant & Agave Bar is a daring new culinary concept that explores what it means to eat outside the box. Our Pan-Latin fusion cuisine is exciting, contemporary, and barrier breaking. Ecléctico is not just a name, but a way in which we think and the way by which we exist. It invites the guest to explore not what is, but what could be, if we venture to step outside the realms of tradition.

Menu offerings are both familiar and unexpected. We strive to provide not just great food with delightful elements of originality, but also an unforgettable dining experience. Handmade tortillas and sauces made from scratch, composed flavor profiles and deliberate twists, each dish was envisioned and executed with thought and care. Local artists set the ambiance with hand painted interior and exterior decor to encompass a new interpretation of blended cultures. Where art is life and life is sustenance, Ecléctico is the canvas on which we create our passions.

Our mission is to inspire, excite, and open possibilities to our community by offering a shareable new tapas-centric culinary experience with affordable value and quality ingredients. As a small business, our community is integral to our story and success, therefore the Latin roots of our cuisine will anchor our concept and Ecléctico will continue to show local talent in both the culinary and design fields.

We value impeccable service as the guiding element of an unforgettable experience. To this end, our staff embodies our mission for great service through knowledge, graciousness, intuition, professionalism, and above all warmth. Warmth is a key component and common thread to Latin culture. It is just so to the company culture of Ecléctico.

Live outside the lines. Bend them, escape them, break them, or ignore them. Life is yours for the making, create it eclectically.

Series Nine

Herradura Tequila x Miami Spice

Aug 17th

$150 per person, tax and tip included.

Series Eight

Del Maguey Tequila

May 31st

$150 per person, tax and tip included.

Series Seven

Patron (ft. El Alto)

March 1st

$150 per person, tax and tip included.

Series Six

Don Julio Tequila

December 8th

$150 per person, tax and tip included.

Series Five

Komos Tequila

October 26th

$150 per person, tax and tip included.

Series Four

Casa Dragones

September 28th

$150 per person, tax and tip included.

Series Three

The Lost Explorer Mezcal

August 24th

$150 per person, tax and tip included.

Series Two


July 20th

$150 per person, tax and tip included.

* exclusive first-taste event, unveiling brand a new Cincoro Tequila spirit.

Series One


June 29th

$150 per person, tax and tip included.

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How did the hand pies look? Did you love the brownies? How many choux did you eat in one sitting? Yes, these are the things I think about. So today, after creating a gorgeous selection of our favorites for a client to send as a new year’s gift, I was given a gift of my own: direct feedback from the recipients of the pastries.

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